Achievements to Date

Cape Aerospace Technologies featured in the following articles to date:

+ Defence Web

+ Dataweek

+ Advances in Defence & Security

+ Power Up

Some of CAT’s achievements include:

  • CAT designed and built the first pulse jet in RSA in the 1980’s
  • CAT developed the first single fuel electric start system in the world in 1999 – way ahead of its competitors
  • CAT was the first company to receive certification to sell Kero-start turbines in the USA in 2003
  • CAT developed the world’s first Plasma ignition system for micro gas turbines. Our turbines are the only micro gas turbines to feature a Plasma Ignition System. The plasma ignition system allows for fast and reliable high altitude starts and the system outperforms the life of glowplugs currently used in industry
  • CAT designed and built a target drone for the local navy. All telemetry, comms, turbines and composite airframe was designed and manufactured by CAT
  • In June 2019 CAT developed the first fully web enabled gas turbine user interface, data logging and remote “Over the Air” software update capability