With years of experience, the engineers at CAT are able to design turbines, ancillaries and integrated engine control systems to client’s requirements and specifications. The engines are compactly designed, boasting excellent thrust-to-weight ratios with a low specific fuel consumption.

All turbine aerodynamic- and thermodynamic cycles are optimized by utilizing turbomachinery CFD software.

CAT paved the way and was the global leader to implement a direct kerosene start system on micro gas turbines. Today, CAT is again the first Company to implement Fuel Atomizing Plasma Ignition on micro-to-small gas turbines. This enables fast and reliable turbine starts with the added advantage of relighting at high altitude. The turbine start-up time has been reduced to 6 seconds, from 0 rpm to Idle.

The engines can run on Diesel, Kerosene or Jet A1 fuel. All turbines include an Engine Control Unit (ECU), Ground Support Unit (GSU) and all ancillaries required for engine operation during flight.

All engines produced by CAT are extensively tested to ensure all products are market ready. CAT engines are tested at the CAT factory in an experimental test lab fitted with measurement instrumentation.

Turbine related ancillaries, software and asociated electronic control systems are developed in-house by CAT.

CAT Turbines